Wednesday Wabi


I was probably the last to know about PSY and his satirical Gangnam Style video — there were 93 million views when I discovered it — but I can’t get enough of him and his hilarious dancing. This article from the Atlantic makes the story behind the video a little more clear.

In what feels like another lifetime, I wanted to be a cultural studies academic. That’s not likely to happen now, but I can’t stop thinking in those terms about how great the internet age is. Ten years ago, most Americans would have never heard this song and now it’s viral and there have been almost 153 million views.


PSY teaches Britney Spears (surprisingly nimble in crazy high heels) the Gangnam Style dance.


Can’t stop laughing.


My passport plans continue apace, and I so can’t wait until I can tell that whole story. Otherwise I’m filling my time with researching things to do. So far our only real plans are: Niagara Falls, taking a ferry to Toronto Island to have a picnic, this restaurant with gluten free poutine that I found today. POUTINE. I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE. THEY SHOULD HAVE SENT A POET.


I can’t stop using ALL CAPS for EMPHASIS. The other day Colleen thought I was using an acronym, but I was just EXCITED.


This article, from the New Yorker, about a French man who pretended to be a teenage boy, and the consequences when he posed as a missing kid from Texas. There’s a documentary, too, that I’d really like to see.


I feel like I’ve been counting down the days til APPLE SEASON forever but maybe just since July. This year I would like approximately one million billion honeycrisp apples, a few that are from other interesting apple trees, and one giant apple cider slushie. Please and thank you.



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I wish I had useful Toronto visiting advice, but both times we went for events and just filled the rest of the time there with aimless city walking and bookstores. For Niagara, we did this, in addition to all the obvious:

Myron got sick on the way home. ♪MEMORIES♫

One thing you might want to consider is the Shaw Festival, which is a few minutes’ drive away in Niagara on the Lake (where all the wineries are). I have always wanted to do this and we never made it down there, so I will be jealous if you go, but I can live with this jealousy.

That Whirlpool jet looks awesome but also scary. /chicken

How wonderful does the Shaw Festival look? I have a special place in my heart for His Girl Friday, too. HMMM.

How did I miss the Wednesday Wabi until Saturday?? No matter, here I am and I LOVE IT!!! Totally and in its entirety. LOVE. Also, I can’t wait to hear the conclusion of the passport saga.

Pam, you definitely made me feel better about the whole passport process. Hopefully I will get it straightened out this week!

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