Wednesday Wabi


I found out a few months ago that, in addition to having Celiac, I am allergic to rice. And corn. And a whole host of other things, but we’re here to talk about the rice. I accidentally didn’t eat rice for a few days and the infernal itching that I’ve been suffering from for a year or so was about 80% gone. And then I accidentally ate some rice (damn you delicious gluten free donut from fancy donut place in downtown Chicago!) and it’s back. To which I say BOO. I’m having to recalibrate my food options, since obviously I rely a lot on rice, which is OBNOXIOUS but UNFORTUNATELY NECESSARY.


In addition to the GRRM mentioned last week, I’m poking around in the paleo cookbooks I have. They’re great resources for grain-free food. The best I’ve found is Well-Fed, by Melissa Joulwan. Pricey but worth it.


This week’s CSA box held the first kohlrabi of the season. After I tried to scare P with them by poking him in the ass with the stems, I decided I was going to try this recipe for kohlrabi cakes. I think they’ll be a little like my beloved zucchini fritters, but if they end up more like the broccoli fritters I tried (TOTAL DISASTER) then it will still be okay. I mean, I can’t go wrong eating more veg.


I finally started using my tumblr again. I stopped visiting the site during the Great Internet Pause of 2012 and for whatever reason I was gunshy about using it again. Probably because I can spend hours finding dumb cat pictures to reblog. At any rate, if you’re interested in seeing what bubbles up from my subconscious (typically quotes about writing, tattoos, cat pictures with special dispensation given to calico cat pictures, flat-faced dogs and Doctor Who everything) then my tumblr is the place to go.


The World’s Most Expensive Cat is doing much better and has more energy than she has had in weeks. I have to poke a pill down her throat for a few more days, but really, she doesn’t bite nearly as much as River Song does, so I’m keeping my puncture wounds to a minimum.


Anyone use a Water Pik? I already have a Sonicare toothbrush which makes my teeth feel minty fresh and clean and also a toothbrush timer app that applauds when I’m done with my two minutes of brushing but I feel like flossing could have a little more whimsy.


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