Wednesday Wabi


I can’t stop playing SongPop, which is a game that works on i*things and facebook, so mostly I’ve been listening to tiny snippets of songs. Hopefully in 1.2 seconds or less.


I’ve finally succumbed to the George R. R. Martin books. I held out as long as I could, because of my impatience with dragon stories, but I was clearly dumb. The books are cracktastic! I’m halfway through the second one and already quite worried about who is going to die next. NO SPOILERS


Like everyone else, I’m hooked on The Olympics. Mostly gymnastics and swimming, because I don’t have cable and therefore no access to everything else. My favorite part of The Olympics is how everyone becomes an expert on whatever sport happens to be on TV. I may have never gone off a diving board, but I know when someone isn’t tucking his knees correctly!


Yesterday I visited the pork vendor at my local farmers’ market. I might have gone a little crazy (two pork shoulders!) but it’s worth it. Her bacon is the best I’ve ever, ever had, and I managed to snag a pound of ground pork so I can make my own breakfast sausage using the spice blend I got from The Spice House. (Don’t click that link if you’re hungry. But if you do click that link, may I recommend purchasing their garlic pepper blend? It has been amazing on EVERY SINGLE THING I’ve put it on, from chicken to veg to… just everything. I’m already kicking myself for not buying a giant refill bag the last time I was in.)


The World’s Most Expensive Cat strikes again, this time with a lovely infection that only two weeks of antibiotics will cure. We had to learn a new way to pill her, since the last method ended in tears. I found this video:

While of course our experience is much more bitey and scratchy than that one, I’m still able to get the pill in her about 75% of the time without a spitting incident. That’s what we call success around here.


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I think I made it mid-way through the third GRRM book before I couldn’t do it anymore. I realized I was skipping huge chunks of text. I told myself I was reading a gigantic spoiler for the show and gave it up with glee.

Also, I just watched the video on the front page of The Spice House’s site and was enthralled. He is wonderful.

We will see how I feel when I’m done with this book! I’m still enjoying them, though. Have you read the Patrick Rothfuss books?

That video is so fab! I love seeing where my food is made. I actually ordered the garlic pepper anyway after I posted this and it came from that store!

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