2011 hasn’t been the best for me. Nothing unexpected or catastrophic has happened, but it seems each season was marked by some of those periodic disappointments that you hope life spreads out over time, instead of sticking them in one not-so-great year. One thing that I’ve discovered about myself, though, is that I’m unfortunately an optimist. I like to try and remember the things I’m grateful for. It helps when I’m in an Eeyore state of mind.

First and foremost, the one event that has kept this year as a net positive:

My first nephew was born last week and he has already stolen my heart. Just look at him! I never had a chance.

I’m grateful I’ve had the time and space to explore my creative life without complaint from anyone.

I’m grateful for my small but wonderful group of close friends, who forgive me even (or especially) when I am flaky.

I’m grateful for new beginnings and second chances.

I’m grateful for my baby house and my two rotten cats, even if one of them has the diabeetus and the other is upset when her sister gets cookies and she doesn’t.

I’m grateful for my sweet husband, for so many reasons I would be making a list all day.

I’m grateful for my family.

I’m grateful, I’m grateful, I’m grateful.

And hopeful — 2012 can’t get here soon enough.


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Wonderful gratitude list! Supportive family and friends, a cozy home, naughty cats, a loving spouse, and a new nephew. Looks to me like you’re grateful for all the right things. For myself, I am grateful for YOU, Eliza! I love our talks at Starbucks. It’s one of my highlights each month. Here’s to a fantastic 2012!

Oh, Clara, how sweet you are! I love our Starbucks meetings. I can’t wait for next month to hear all about your finished Nano.

Oh my love. You’re so easy to appreciate and I’m glad to hear that you’re allowing the good to outweigh the bad. it’s hard sometimes (most times, really) and I can totally relate.

Your list of things you’re thankful for are wonderful, especially that cute baby, and if you keep them as your focus, then the rest doesn’t seem so bad.

Like Clara (hi!) I’m very grateful to have you as my friend. Here’s to 2012 being an improvement.

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