Deep fry all the things

I’ve written before about how eating gluten free has put a damper on my deep fried snacking habit. Well, not anymore! A deep fryer mysteriously fell into my cart at Target last week. Luckily it was on sale. On Saturday, we decided to try the chicken nuggets again, as well as making fried pickles.

Apparently fried pickles aren’t as well-known a delicacy as I thought. I definitely horrified Erica. They’re actually one of my favorite fried things, if I were to make a list — hot and salty and sour and crunchy. All at once.

The deep fryer wasn’t terrifying at all, which was a step up. There was no open flame to contend with. Now all I have to do is figure out what I want to fry next.


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Here is my deep-fryer question: Is there a lot of splatter? Maybe a better question is: Is there a way to control splatter? I have this imagined horror of a film of oil getting on everything and being unable to get rid of it.

Nah, there’s not much splatter at all. Much less than when I tried to fry things on the stovetop. The oil only fills the frying vessel about halfway — there’s a max fill line. Plus, there’s a lid you can put on top but I guess it makes stuff less crunchy.

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