The accidental hipster

I wish I had known my August was going to be so boring when I started the August Break. No matter. Today, I got a pair of glasses that I ordered from one of the websites that periodically offers cheap specs. It was kind of a fraught endeavor, in the first place, because I had to guess at how they might look once I got them on. But I measured and ordered; thirteen dollars and four days later, they arrived. I’m still not quite sure what to make of them. They kind of look like the glasses my dad wore in 1959. They kind of look like I stole them right off the face of one of my art-school classmates last semester. At least I can see, I guess. My favorite part of this photo is the clear reflection of a still from King of the Hill, which we have been mainlining. It makes me nostalgic for home, in a good way.


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Love the pic and Love YOU!

I love this picture as well!! You look so Buddy Holly, cool~ 😀

I am totally converted to cheap glasses. I have four pairs now. I LOVE yours. I have not been ballsy enough to go with really unisex ones but this picture is sending me in that direction for next time. (Recently they sent me an email offering three pairs for $99. I almost did it. It’s an addiction.)

Thanks! I went unisex because I have what they call in the optician business a big head. If I get that 3 for $99 email I am SO IN. I got my eyes checked and when I got a quote for new lenses for my old frames, it was almost $150. That’s just crazy.

I don’t know where you bought yours, but I use the Canadian version of… maybe they run the same promo? They’ve sent it to me twice, I’d say, in the past six months. If you had told me in fourth grade that someday I would love my glasses I would have thrown a rock at you, but I really do love them now.

Yep, it’s Coastal Contacts. Hoping I get that one soon! I loooove wearing glasses. I think my face looks weird without them, haha.

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