Delicious things are delicious: Green Chile Chicken Stew

Since I have been exiled to the frozen north from my New Mexican homeland, I really, really, really, really REALLY REALLY miss fresh green chile. Like, every September I get cranky because I’m nowhere near the chile roasts. It is a sad time.

However, luckily, I can get green chile here. Mostly in cans, but as is the way of all exiles we take what we can get. Literally twice a week or more we have this stew for dinner. I serve over rice with a lot of shredded extra-sharp cheddar and tortilla chips. It freezes beautifully.

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts. I poach a whole bunch at a time in the crockpot and freeze them in two-breast packages so that I can just throw it in the pot once I get a hankering. I prefer poached in this recipe because I like the shreddy texture but it’s not mandatory. Diced is okay.

2 Tbsp (or so) of oil

1-2 garlic cloves. You’re not looking for garlic to take over here.

14 oz can of diced tomatoes. I like Muir Glen fire roasted.

2 1/2 cups chicken stock. If you’re using the 4 cup aseptic thing, and you’re like me and always waste the rest of the stock because you don’t think to use it in time, use the rest when cooking the rice.

20 oz New Mexican green chile. Fresh is best, frozen next. Canned is what we work with. I buy it from Trader Joe’s. Hatch Green Chile is a great brand, but very expensive outside of the southwest. Also, this is not a hard and fast amount — if you want more, (or less? but that doesn’t seem possible) go for it.

3 heaping Tbsp of flour. (Any gluten free AP flour mix would work here. I use Better Batter.)

Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

If you’re using fresh chicken, brown it in the oil, but if it’s already cooked just kind of toss it in there. Dice the garlic or use a press, whatev. Then put in everything else, stir it all up, and bring to a simmer. Simmer for at least thirty minutes, though longer is fine. Stir fairly often — every 8-10 minutes. I don’t know if it’s the nature of gluten free flours or what, but it can scorch a bit on bottom without some supervision.

This makes a TON of food. We get at least four meals out of each batch, but, you know, there’s only two of us.


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Speaking as someone who has subsisted primarily on frozen pizza and protein bars for the last nine months, this sounds beyond amazing.

I should just come eat dinner at your house every night.

I usually freeze the leftover stock from those boxes. I measure it out and make a note on the bag how much is in there – or if its like an even 2 cups I’ll freeze in 1 cup portions. Then it’s ready to go next time I need stock!!

This sound completely yummy and now I’m hungry.

Erica, that would be awesome.

Kari, that’s a lovely idea. I’m going to try that next time.

Pam, you should make it!

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